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FICO Deluxe question
Excerpt from a post in the General Credit forum:

"... i looked at my credit report i started to look in my collection's part all i can see is the collection agency's name but no number and no address how can i get a hold of these people ... don't know where to start ..."


"The addresses will be on the bottom of your reports from the CRAs ... not your MyFICO reports ..."

Earlier this month, I purchased an EQ report and FICO score directly from the EQ website, and obtained copies of my EX and TU reports through the Annualcreditreport site. I was planning to buy the FICO Deluxe product later this year to review all 3 reports again and, just for curiosity, see how my EX and TU FICO scores differ from EQ.

The above quoted response makes it sound like the reports ordered through MyFico might be missing certain bits (like CA addresses?). Would the EQ report in the FICO Deluxe package from MyFico be identical to the report ordered from the EQ site?