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Re: Score Watch Not Updating

RW771 wrote:

I just read on another thread that it doesn't alert based on a decrease on balance(s), but I'm pretty sure there would be some sort of score increase due to paying down these balances. I went ahead and adjusted my settings to alert me just 1 more point than what my last alert was set at so that I can get some sort of update soon (I hope). I haven't purchased a report in months, and didn't want to until the lower balances reported but I'm at a race for time and hope it updates soon! Otherwise I'll just go to the bank and cross my fingers and guess where I'm at :smileyhappy:

I recommend setting it differently. Set it to EXACTLY match your last FICO score/score alert. That way if the score decreases or increases, you'll get alerted. Paying down CC debt don't always guarantee a score increase.