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Re: Score Watch Not Updating

JE3146 wrote:

I don't know if it was cooincidental or what, but I had mine set to the same score for a while and got no changes while drastically paying down balances.


So I changed the score to check for my score+1, and got a notice the next day. Changed it again to that score+1, and got another alert the following day.


So either there was a delay and the messages hit me back to back days, or changing it to +1 did the trick.. or some other mysterious power Smiley Happy


Either way, a 29 point jump over a 2 day span made me happy.

just read your post this morning, and was expecting my score to increase because of paying off all my balances. I received An email yesterday saying scorewatch has nothing to report for the week. So I did what you did with, score +1 today. I went out to do some errands and got an email alert about a score change... Yep, increase to 800. Maybe coincidence, who knows?