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Re: Score Watch Not Updating

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I have been a lurker on this forum for quite a while.... but today I am pretty upset and decided to post! I have not received an alert since February 23rd. Since then, I have paid my util down quite a bit and have had four collections removed from my reports.  I have received two alerts this week from a different credit monitoring service. Although those scores are fakos, they show almost a 100 point gain!!! Still NO ALERTS from myfico!!!!!!! I do have my alerts on myfico set to my exact score so I know that isn't the problem! I refuse to believe that my FICO didn't increase at all!!!


I share your concern over the delay in SW updates.  For me, EQ's CMS reported a nice balance reduction and a sold score jump, which I am also waiting on SW to update.

Since this just happened Thursday I expect a SW update will occur in about 7-10 days after.


Now if you did not have score watch, what would it cost you??  $20 per full FICO report say 3+ times a month = $60+ per month

Score watch costs even less than a single report and it gives you score updates based on changes that trigger alerts (like I just got a new account alert) or if just score change ever 7-10 days.  Score Watch's price of $15/m seams fair to me...  Now if you don't like it and want to buy a full FICO report every week Smiley Happy


This link helps: (the Score Watch guide at the top of this forum)


P.S. How about Score Watch Premium with say 3-4 day updates for $25-35/m? (plus perhaps an extra fico pull every month or ability to see soft pulls or ...)

I didn't complain at all about the price, I think it is more than fair.  I was just frustrated that what I am paying for wasn't working correctly. I am working hard to repair my credit and would like to see my progress. I understand and expect a little lag time but dang!


By the way, obviously there was someting wrong.  About 30 minutes after I posted this, I received an alert.....60 point gain!! It wasn't coincidental that I got the alert right after my post either! So, thank you to the administrators that monitor the boards and check into customer complaints. I really appreciated getting the alert tonight!Smiley Happy