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Re: Score Watch Not Updating

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MzHunt wrote:

I have been a lurker on this forum for quite a while.... but today I am pretty upset and decided to post! I have not received an alert since February 23rd. Since then, I have paid my util down quite a bit and have had four collections removed from my reports.  I have received two alerts this week from a different credit monitoring service. Although those scores are fakos, they show almost a 100 point gain!!! Still NO ALERTS from myfico!!!!!!! I do have my alerts on myfico set to my exact score so I know that isn't the problem! I refuse to believe that my FICO didn't increase at all!!!


I share your concern over the delay in SW updates.  For me, EQ's CMS reported a nice balance reduction and a sold score jump, which I am also waiting on SW to update.

Since this just happened Thursday I expect a SW update will occur in about 7-10 days after.


Now if you did not have score watch, what would it cost you??  $20 per full FICO report say 3+ times a month = $60+ per month

Score watch costs even less than a single report and it gives you score updates based on changes that trigger alerts (like I just got a new account alert) or if just score change ever 7-10 days.  Score Watch's price of $15/m seams fair to me...  Now if you don't like it and want to buy a full FICO report every week Smiley Happy


This link helps: (the Score Watch guide at the top of this forum)


P.S. How about Score Watch Premium with say 3-4 day updates for $25-35/m? (plus perhaps an extra fico pull every month or ability to see soft pulls or ...)

I didn't complain at all about the price, I think it is more than fair.  I was just frustrated that what I am paying for wasn't working correctly. I am working hard to repair my credit and would like to see my progress. I understand and expect a little lag time but dang!


By the way, obviously there was someting wrong.  About 30 minutes after I posted this, I received an alert.....60 point gain!! It wasn't coincidental that I got the alert right after my post either! So, thank you to the administrators that monitor the boards and check into customer complaints. I really appreciated getting the alert tonight!Smiley Happy

Hi MzHunt,


Honestly, if I had the power to make Score Watch send alerts, everyone here would be alerted every day!  (it's okay, tho, if you'd rather believe you can get alerted by posting to this board... and then give me credit for it)  Smiley Wink

Congrats on the 60 point gain!!!



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