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Re: Score Watch Not Updating

Errin1 wrote:

I have paid down a considerable amount of debt and haven't received a notice from Score watch either. Matter of fact I haven't received an alert from scorewatch since March 2nd.Smiley Mad I used to get an update twice ...sometimes even three times a week.

Hi Errin1,


Hopefully, you're aware that SW doesn't alert you to balance decreases?  But, I can understand how you might be expecting a score increase after paying down some debt.  What kind of debt did you pay down?  If it's credit card, the chances of a score increase are good, while if it's installment, collection or public record debts that were paid, don't expect to see much, if any, score change.


Also, to be alerted to the next score change, it's a good idea to set your target as your current/latest EQ score.  For more info on SW, check out Score Watch Guide.



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