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MyFico Sucks

Hi All,


    To all of you who are considering whether to buy this product or not I will say this. MyFico Sucks. They are cold hearted company whose limits for greed's does not know any boundaries. There customer care is worthless. They have customer representatives who read from a ready made script and cannot think from there head.


    They don't understand about problems and are good at pointing out your deficiencies. Never ever buy their products.


     I recently signed up for their credit monitoring services and yesterday (22-March-2012) was my tenth day. They charged me the 14.95$  today. I had already bought credit monitoring and three credit bureau reports from another company (I am not here for advertising another competitor) and I wanted to cancel the account. The moment I saw the email that said they had charged me I called in there customer care and I was told there policies of not canceling after being sucked into there program. I was also pointed out that I did not call back within 10 days to cancel. I told them that I had been running between hospital (for my 2 year old daughter) and I missed to call them in these 10 days but the heartless guys they are, they refused to cancel. I wanted to talk to their supervisor and she also said the same thing,I told them that I had personal emergencies and I cannot pay at two different places but still they went on reading from a prepared script.


      Now I am stuck paying 14.95 for three months here and at 35$ at other service. I really like the other service because they give me unlimited credit reports and also do the credit monitoring for me in 35$ which was what I actually wanted. They offered me 6 months of credit monitoring at 9$ it amounted to paying the same cost over time. I simply did not want this service but the failed Hollywood actors the customer care are they could only say the lines from the prepared scripts.


      I told them that I understand the stuff about policy had it been the twelfth day or thirteenth day. If it is the same day on which I was charged I am generally allowed to cancel. Every company who has a contract generally has a grace day. These guys don't have any compassion for regular folks and are out only looking to make money and sucking the regular folks dry.


     I urge all of you to reconsider investing with MyFico and take your hard earned dollars to somewhere where they value you as a customer and will listen to you compasionately and don't employ failed Hollywood actors and actresses as there customer representative.



MyFico Sucks