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Re: MyFico Sucks

crunching_numbers wrote:

The result of not following directions, was that consequently you had to pay for a purchase you made.  This does not mean myFICO sucks, or that Score Watch sucks.  I am sorry that you had problems during day 10, but you had 9 previous days in which you chose not to cancel this product.  Procrastination caused your problem, not the CSR's that charged you for the product you legitamately bought. 


Score Watch does not do everything I would like it to do, but the product works as described, and is properly represented on this site. 

I really wisth you had written "but given enough time, the product works as described". Smiley Happy


I'm really getting frustrated at how long it takes to update new accounts. I've been able to see one for a week on another monitoring service that provides a FAKO score. It's annoying that I'm essentially supposed to burn a Score Power report to see an updated score.


Before anyone asks; Yes. Target score is set to current FICO. And yes, I've also logged into SW repeatedly to see if there was an aert but no e-mail.

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