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Re: MyFico Sucks

haulingthescoreup wrote:

drkaje wrote:



I still never got the update when new Amex hit. I wonder if backdating made it not be a new account.

That is EXACTLY what happened.


SW doesn't remember what was on your last report, so it doesn't see that an account is new to your reports. It just sees that it has an opening date of March 2012, and it's March 2012 (or whatever), so hey, it's new.


If AmEx had pulled a hard on EQ, you would (presumably) have gotten an alert for the inq. But since they almost always pull EX, you wouldn't get that either.


Unless the new/ old AmEx account somehow makes your score change, you most likely will not get a SW alert.

I pretty much expected a small bump because it should have slightly increased AOAA and lowered utilization.


Stubborness is the only thing preventing me from burning a Score Power report. Also, I don't want to let myself be annoyed if the score changed and there was no alert, LOL! I'll give it another week. Smiley Happy

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