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Re: MyFico Sucks

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I still never got the update when new Amex hit. I wonder if backdating made it not be a new account.

That is EXACTLY what happened.


SW doesn't remember what was on your last report, so it doesn't see that an account is new to your reports. It just sees that it has an opening date of March 2012, and it's March 2012 (or whatever), so hey, it's new.


If AmEx had pulled a hard on EQ, you would (presumably) have gotten an alert for the inq. But since they almost always pull EX, you wouldn't get that either.


Unless the new/ old AmEx account somehow makes your score change, you most likely will not get a SW alert.

I pretty much expected a small bump because it should have slightly increased AOAA and lowered utilization.


Stubborness is the only thing preventing me from burning a Score Power report. Also, I don't want to let myself be annoyed if the score changed and there was no alert, LOL! I'll give it another week. Smiley Happy

Each of those (change in AAoA and change in util) are factors that have ranges that trigger changes.


* ranges that trigger changes, tra la, tra la *


Anyway, changing from 14% to 11% probably won't trigger a score change, while changing from 10% to 9% might. (or might not)


Changing from 13 years AAoA to 15 years might not trigger a score change, while changing from 4 years to 5 might. (or might not)


It all depends on whether your util, or your AAoA, or your oldest account age, and so forth changes enough to move into a new range. If you think about it, this makes sense. It would be nuts for your FICO's to flip back and forth every time your reported util fluctuated between 3 and 4%, or every time your AAoA moved up or down a year.


Back in the day, when we could buy all three FICO reports here, a bunch of us burned through a bunch of cash pulling reports every time one account had one measley change, partly for the rush, and partly to try to break the scoring formula. We often didn't get the rush, and we definitely didn't break the scoring formula, although we often triumphantly posted that we'd figured something out, which six months later turned out to be completely wrong.


We sure broke a bunch of budgets in the process, though. Smiley Tongue

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