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Re: MyFico Sucks

Hi All,


       These couple of days this post had broken quite a few milestones. Apparently this is the longest and most viewed Non-Mod post in this specific section. If just my credit score also zoomed up like that (Well if I had a penny for all my wishes....).


       Having said that I would say to all of those who pointed out as to why not cancel within 10 days the answer is trying to give sometime for the product to work and see how it compares with my other score tracker with unlimited reports and then life happens (Unfortunately for me it happened in hospital with my two year old so my priorities got rearranged.). I always observed that companies with contracts are always little lenient with the contracts. So if you try to cancel within few hours of the contract start and that too when you just rushed back from the hospital they generally did cancel the contract and refund the amount. It was the lack of this understanding at FICO's side compounded with all the things going on at that time which really made me mad (I generally am a calm person Smiley Happy.....ask those who know me Smiley Wink ).


      Now after a week I am happy to say that the situation at personal front is much better and also thanks to Barry my issue had been resolved amicably. So I guess that makes for start of a most likely a sweet weekend.


Thanks to Mods (My username looks a lot different...just different HeHeHeHeHeHeHe) and all of you for sharing your one cent or two.


Ciao and hopefully everyone has a great weekend (the weather is gonna be the best though so that's a positive)


With Best Wishes