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Re: Free 10 day trial of score watch wont let me cancel for three months? Therefore not free.

baconcard wrote:

I sent the email to cancel my free trial of score watch (which I actually let go for longer than 10 days, so I have paid for a month of it now) and I get a response saying that I have to wait until July for it to be cancelled, because there is a three month minimum purchase. Has anybody had this experience as well? I feel like this is not an honest way to run a "free" trial. Thanks.



I'm not sure what you think needs to be done. You admit you went past the 10 day free trial period. At the bottom of the page that gives details of the SW product it clearly says: *You may cancel your free 10-day trial subscription of Score Watch at anytime within the 10-day trial period without charge. If you don't cancel prior to the end of 10-day trial period, you'll be billed at $14.95 for each month that you continue your subscription. The minimum subscription period is three months.


Did you read this disclaimer before signing up?