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Free triall to tricky promotions?

When my account was close to trial period end, I sent a mail for cancellation. Seems like mail wasn't enough and I had to call. But by that time my credit card was already charged. So I called up and asked for cancellation. That was first time I got to know that I have been already signed up for 3 month minimum period and I'll be charged $15 every month. First customer service said that their customer support is not open on Saturday even though it says on their website.

Later, I called again to check if myFICO can do anything as I wasn’t able to reach them on a Saturday to do cancelation in time. Second customer service told me that we are actually open on Saturday and offered me a promotion for paying $9.99 instead. She didn’t mentioned about minimum 6 month period for this promotion. Another friend , who fell into same trap from myFICO told me about minimum 6 months sign-up. I called 3rd time on same day and asked 2nd customer service agent didn’t mention the 6 months clause.

3rd representative finally scheduled my cancellation after 3 months. So my point is- if your product is really good, let customer come back to your on their own. Don’t charge them by setting these tricky conditions, cycle of phone calls for cancellation, tricky promotions etc. It will only discourage people to recommend myFICO to others. Based on current experience, I’m going to tell everyone to stay away from myFICO and try others.