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Re: 2 reports per year with SW. What if you restart subscription?

calihlove75 wrote:

Is it two reports per year or two reports per membership term (minimum 3 months)? I was under the impression that you could get a membership for the three months with 2 reports and then start another three months with another two reports. I guess that is not how it works? So for $179.40 per calender year that buys two reports with scores? Looks like I will be cancelling this as well.


Score Watch Benefits:

  • Monitors your credit report at Equifax on a daily basis and your FICO®score on a weekly basis
  • Notifies you when you reach your target score or when you might qualify for a better interest rate
  • Alerts you when unexpected changes to your credit report cause your FICO® score to drop
  • Provides two Equifax Score Power reports each year


It's two reports per year, with one of the two being used when you subscribe. If you opt for the monthly term vs. paying annually, there's a min. 3 month committment with access to the one report used upon subscribing, with the 2nd being available after 3 months (I guess inserted to keep folks from cheating the system by subscribing and then cancelling over and over for free reports). If you pay annually, then the 2nd report is available for you to use anytime. Upon renewal, then two more are added. If you used up the reports, additional ones are 30% off.


IMO, it's a good product, provided your goal is to monitor your EQ FICO score. The cost per year is $149.95, which seems high, but each FICO report pull is $19.95 otherwise. If you pull your EQ FICO report more than 7 times per year for the EQ FICO score only, it definitely is more cheaper to go with SW. If a FICO score isn't important, then it isn't worth it. If the focus is reports only, then there are CMSs out there that are much cheaper.