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Re: Score Watch Alerts
"There are credit alerts (fairly instant....sometimes inside a day, IME) for items like added inquiries, added accounts, change in stati, increased balances, and recent activity (these are the most common alerts). These changes will prompt a check of your FICO score and if your score moved, then you'll get the credit alert with the score change.

There are other goings on within your report that don't trigger a credit alert like changes in CL, decreased balances, removed accounts, removal or addition of lates assuming the status didn't change, account anniversies, and so on that don't ever trigger a credit alert. Sometimes, though, these items can result in a score change, and your EQ FICO is monitored every week or so for these changes. If the score moved, you won't get a credit alert, but you could end up with a score alert assuming your new score hit or surpassed your target score (found within your settings). The score alert isn't always instant because your FICO isn't monitored daily, but expect one if your FICO changed and your score is monitored within that week period.

For best results ALWAYS set your target score to match your current score. That way, if your score goes up or down, you'll get alerted. And after every alert and every FICO report pull, ALWAYS check, and reset, if needed, your target score. Lather, rinse and repeat."

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