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Re: score watch alert does not work

OP, did you get any alert for that CC? Did the DOLA or last reported date change at all in the past year? If it did not change for one year, and the report you got with SW when you subscribed does show a Date Reported of mid to early 2011, then I would have guess that you would have received an alert when that changed. I would have guessed an alert within a day or two of that change.


OP, do you know what day it did change?


I take it you are using a CMS from If so, ignore the score. That isn't a FICO score. Just because that FAKO score changes it doesn't mean your FICO would change too. Your FAKO from Equifax can increase and your FICO can decrease, and vice-versa. Never correlate the two. However, the report info is good and I've used some of their services before like Credit Complete.


Also to note, a change in the account, or updating, doesn't mean your FICO would change too.


SW has two different types of alerts. One is a credit alert and the other a score alert. If that account had not updated any of its dates since last year, then IMO, you should have received the alert. If your FICO changed it would have come with the alert. If there wasn't enough info with that credit update, and nothing changed to trigger a credit alert, then the fall back is a score alert. Your FICO is monitored weekly for changes provided your FICO changes and is based off the target score. So, if your FICO changed, which it may or may not have, then you'd get that alert within a week or so when it is monitored next.