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Score Watch Not Working Correctly

I have noticed in the last several weeks that I am not getting alerts from Scorewatch and was wondering if anyone else is experiencing these problems.  I have a few new accounts that I KNOW are on my actual credit reports, and yet I have received no alert from Scorewatch.  I also have my settings set so that I am notified of balance changes on inactive accounts, etc. and have not received alerts for those either.  I am really considering just canceling this service and keeping my USAA credit monitoring.  Anyone else having problems?

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Re: Score Watch Not Working Correctly

Yes, I am not receiving alerts property either.  I have several settings that should have triggered when I reduced a card utility from 100% to 7-8%, and nadda.  My score and settings were such that even a slight move of 2 points would have triggered an alert.  *sigh*  And I have this for 2 more months...

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Re: Score Watch Not Working Correctly

I'm in the same boat.  I have a new account listed on my USAA reports that hasn't yet triggered a scorewatch alert.  I'm anxious to see the effect on my FICO but it won't update.  Very frustrating!  

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Re: Score Watch Not Working Correctly

I just got an alert today but the reason why is blank. Score unchanged but on the screen that lists all changes the alert from today is not even listed. I am expecting a score jump from my only collection being deleted. Was excited seeing the alert message on the upper left side of the screen but it was blank and no information at all from this alert when I press the credit alert tab. Highly frustruated if I  have to purchase another report to see the changes.

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