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Bundled scores or score packs - availability?

Has myFICO contemplated offering bundled TU/EQ score reports or the option to buy say 3 or 5 reports (at a discount) at one time?  I would like to buy 3 EQ/TU credits in one transaction so I can just click on "get today's score" option and use stored up credits.  One, this would allow me to buy some when there are product coupons available and save up some credits to use at later time and two it would save time and limit the total number of transactions I would have to request.


Has the availability of these types of products been explored?

Starting Score: EQ 551 TU 548 CK 607on 6/8/12, EX 542(AMEX pull 3/4/12)
Current Score: EQ 710 TU 727 EX 704 CK 719(FAKO-EX 697, EQ 697, TU 697)
Goal Score: 750

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