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Re: Bundled scores or score packs - availability?

OlegWasHere wrote:

webhopper wrote:

I used to love the suze ormans kit on here; 3 scores for $49. I would stagger my usage of the three scores.

also it came with advice. I remember the first advice I got was to call and ask for an APR reduction on my credit card. I did it and much to my surprise it worked!!

used to love? 

they are still avaliable. 


its cheaper then buying the three reports but i already know what i need to do. 

garden and pay off my cards (only 300 away). 

I think webhopper was referring to the days of yore when myFICO offered all 3 FICOs, as did Suze Orman's Platinum Kit. They did away with that several years ago and the Suze Kit now offers 3 pulls with a choice between EQ and/or TU.