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10-day free trial offer is disappointed MyFico is so sneaky!

 I'm really disappointed about this offer & never imagined MyFico would be so sneaky and deceiving!  I received a 20% off through email a few weeks ago, which I saved as I like to check our [husband & myself] credit reports & scores twice a year.  I usually do this in June & December; however, my husband and I were in Europe for June & July, hence my reason for not doing so yet this year.  I finally got the time yesterday to sit down and do so, but when I went to my 20% off offer, I realized it expired on August 10th...grrr!  So I then spent a ton of time searching the internet for another valid promo offer.  Each one that I typed in didn't frustrating!  I was determined at that time to find some sort of offer as it's really ridiculous to pay the full price to MyFico when we can all get 1 free per year.  Also, I'm all about loyalty to a good product & company, which I felt MyFico was.  Since I was unable to find any discount code that was valid, I took the risk with the 10-day free trial to get the discount on the Equifax portion thinking I could cancel it today!  I am SO upset now that I've read I will be charged $14.95 for 3 months!!!  This is such fraud and so deceiving as it is cheaper to pay the $19.95 for the Equifax report/score.  To make matters even worse, I opened my email this morning to find MyFico had emailed me a 20% off at 2:00 AM this morning!  If there is anyone on this forum that knows what I can do to make sure I don't have to pay for Score Watch for 3-months, please advise.  I will no longer purchase 4 credit reports and scores annually from MyFico due to this deceit...I'm certain they don't care they've lost 2 loyal customers, but, if this sort of deceit continues, they will lose many more.  Thank you in advance to anyone on this board that can give me advise on how to proceed in this matter and make sure I'm not charged for 3-months.