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Re: 10-day free trial offer is disappointed MyFico is so sneaky!

I ordered it yesterday, then I clicked on the 'cancel' button in the body of the email this it hadn't even been 24-hours.  I haven't called them yet.  I goggled how to cancel 10-day trial and I found this forum.  From what I've read here, even though it says you can cancel within 10-days, if I didn't make some sort of change on the order form before submitting that it was a minimum of 3-months payment!  No matter what the result of this, it is not clear and very shady...obviously, it's in very small print and nobody realizes it until after they purchase!  So after reading all the complaints here, I went to my purchase confirmation email AND in very, very small print at the very bottom of the email, it says: *3-month minimum.  Again, very shady and I should not have to call them and argue the point.  It should be noted on the order form before proceeding to payment that you have to change something on a drop down menu [or whatever] or it really can't be canceled within 10-days.  I hate this sort of's not honest and it wasted my time.  So shady and MyFico is now no better than all the scams on the internet.  Thank you though for your response and for your suggestions.  I'm working on a project right now that is due, so I will try to call them when I have time to argue on the phone.  I will post the results.  Thank you so much!