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my FICO listing 'wrong' information?

I have been a subscriber to myFICO for several years.  My husband has also joined.  we monitor and 'babysit' our scores watching for errors and problems on a regular babsis.


We recently applied for a loan.  Based on the info in myFICO it should have gon through.  But when the bank ran our credit,  what they recieved was very different, and I do not understand.


I understand that credit scores fluxuate though out the day,  but the bank recieved a score for me that was 20 points higher.  and a score for my husband that was 50 points lower.  This just seems too much to be 'normal fluxuation'.  Further myFICO reports a collections (a reporting error that we are trying to dispute)  on my husbands report,  and the bank has it listed twice. 

My intent on purchasing myFICO is so that I was aware of what is going on in my report... but why aer the reports so different?  FYI the report I pulled from myFICO (and paid extra for it) was only two days beforethe bank pulled the score.

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