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Whats the deal with SW?

I've set my "alerts" up like suggested to get my score to update, but it has not changed at all since July 18th. I've has several alerts and new accounts, etc and still no change. My TU and EX FICO's have came up quite abit in the same amount of time and all reporting the same things.


Also, it seems like each time i do get an alert it doubles them up or something. For example it shows an alert on one card increasing by $26, but states there was an increase on 2 cards and when i look its just the same thing.


Any suggestions?


Is my EQ score just really not changing? If so, why? All CR's are currently the same, but TU and EX scores are updating and EQ not? Could it be from an accidental fraud alert i submitted? I was desputing some things on my CR last month and i guess i initiated a 90 day fraud alert on my EQ. I did call and explain to them and had it removed though.





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