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Re: Whats so good about score watch?

You should probably read up on how Score Watch works, too.


In order to see FICO score updates, you need to set your "Target Score" to your current FICO score. It will let you know if your score goes up/down on a weekly basis. It will also check your FICO score when you have another qualifying event -- CC balances goes UP, new account, new inq, etc. There is a lot of information, you just need to read. Check out the "Settings" tab in your Scorewatch first. It should help you understand what triggers an update.


And don't forget to set your target score to get the most out of Score Watch!


Personally, I use scorewatch to monitor my FICO score, but I also use USAA credit monitoring so I can look at all 3 reports everyday ($12/month). Using both really helps you keep an eye on things.

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