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Re: What's so good about score watch?

MontegoMack wrote:

If you want a FICO score, Score Watch is the way to go. In case you didn't know, doesn't offer a FICO score, it's FAKO.


Just because you pay a bill doesn't mean it gets reported immediately and thus, you won't see the change in your score immediately either. Updates after a payment is made are initiated by your creditor - probably monthly - just after your bill is cut. You might be able to find out that date just by calling customer service or by keeping track on a CMS. 


So, perhaps you need to reconsider when you check your score/reports. That way, you won't be so disappointed. 


Good luck and congrats on paying off 2 cards. I'm sure you'll be please with the score bump when they report to the CRAs.


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Well i paid off my cards right before closing date to show a zero balance and i still don't see an update yet. They closed last weekend. Not dissappointed just want to get it right. Im working hard right now to get the best out of my score to get some new prime tradelines.

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