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Re: Whats the deal with SW?
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llecs wrote:

If you are getting credit alerts, like for new inquiries or new accounts, then SW provided the latest EQ FICO as of that moment. DW and I both have gone months without any score change. It's normal. Sounds like something is weighing your score down to a point that added accounts don't have an impact (e.g. recent baddies, other new accounts, or lots of inquiries, etc.).


The double alerts for balance increases can be fixed easily. Go into settings. By default, you'll get alerted if your balances increase by $x and by x%. So, if both conditions are met, you'll get a double alert for the same account. If you want that to go away, select "N" for no for one of the two and you'll only get alerted once.


Did you get any alerts since the FA?

Thanks for the info....i've gotten updates and alerts on my TU (Walmart & CreditKarma) and got my EX FICO through AMEX. I have gotten plenty of alerts on my EQ here on myFICO through SW, but not change in score all during the FA.


I'm just confused on how my other 2 scores are climbing and doing much better with the same exact info on the reports.

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