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Re: my FICO listing 'wrong' information?

I say it should have gone through because myFICO said I had 686 and my husband had a 668 .  which in my opinion is good and according to the bank it would have gone through at that.  but  mine came back at 701 and my husbands came back at 613 . 


They pulled all three.  Experian showed the same wrong information twice.  It is the same information we have challanged since April ad still they wont reply or remove.


I want to know why the reports are so different.  I pull experian it says  686  they pull it teh next day I have 701?  I could almost chalk that up to daily fluxuation.

But I cant say that about the difference on my husbands.  nor can I say that about why on myFICO the wrong info is only reported once,  while on 'The real thing' it is reported twice.

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