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MyFico 10 Day "FREE" Trial

I signed up for this 10 day trial knowing it said there was a 3 month minimum subscription afterwards at $14.95/mo. The main reason I signed up was to do a one time check on my credit score. The next day, I requested that this free trial be canceled via e-mail so I could avoid this 3 month subscription totalling $45. So today after looking at my bank statement it looks like I just got charged $14.95 for something I thought I canceled. Now I'm going to end up paying $45 for something I didn't even want, this is just great. Way to just be decieving and take my money myFico. Thanks. To make it better, I never even recieved a response to my request to cancel.. never again will I use this crap for anything. It would have been cheaper to just buy a one time score from one of the many places there are to buy it.