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Re: my FICO listing 'wrong' information?

redfabulous wrote:
i had the same type of problem. my score on this site showed 730. i went to the bank two days later to get a loan. they ran all three agencies and my score was only 703. i use this program because they say most banks use fico scores. its a national bank..i think they'd be included in "most" banks. what's the deal here? i'm due to re-up in five days for the year but i'm shopping around for other services now.

If your bank pulled a FICO score and if it was a Classic FICO, then one of the the three the bank gave you would match the EQ FICO pulled on here. I'm guessing you applied for a mortgage since all 3 were pulled. Now that 703 could be a mid-score (in the case of a mortgage) which means it could be an Experian FICO. Unfortunately, myFICO doesn't offer that; Experian blocked consumrer access to your own EX FICO. The TU FICO on here might not match. Most lenders are pulling a newer FICO version not found on myFICO, and not found anywhere on the web. But the EQ FICO would be spot on if both scores were pulled the same day.


There are plenty of services out there that offer scores. These include truecredit, freecreditreport, freecreditscore, creditkarma, creditsesame, creditkeeper, privacyguard, and probably 100 others. Unfortunately, none offer FICO scores. In fact, there is no service anywhere that offers your FICO scores together without the help of a lender. is the only places that offers a TU and EQ FICOs together, and there is no service anywhere that give you a chance to buy your EX FICO. However, outside myFICO and your lender, there are some banks and CUs out there that will provide your EQ, TU, or EX FICO for free or at a reduced cost on a monthly, semi-annual, or annual basis. Check with your local CU to see if they offer that.