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Re: Score Watch Not Reporting Newer Scores

LoveGoodCredit wrote:

I am still questioning mine, I need to call them.  I had two collection accounts removed and one negative account late payments updated to reflect no lates.  Activity for credit karma was reported (I know that's transunion) and there is activity for experian.  Equifax should have gone up I would think, maybe i will get notificaton later.  I have confirmations of deletions.

SW will Not send an alert for any kind of "deletion" lol trust me...i had to learn the hard way. i had a collections acct deleted and was VERY IMPATIENTLY waiting for a SW alert to give me my new score, but it never set it off. i think it was like to weeks later i had a Balance increase that set it off and it updated my score, it jumped 66 pts! You probaly need something to happen to set off and alert, as a deletion on its own will not do. Congrats on your deletion tho!

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