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Re: Score Watch Not Reporting Newer Scores
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LoveGoodCredit wrote:

That dosent make sense!

Deletions should increase your score and trigger an alert, so I would think?




Not always. Many on here, present company included, have lost points by removing a CO because of the lost age. Sometimes the age of the TL helps more than the baddie hurts. Or maybe there was a dispute comment prior to deletion and deleted baddie wouldn't help any because of that comment. Or a combo of both. I never experienced this, but some lost due to rebucketing if it was their last baddie. Always set your target score to match the current score. That was if it increases or decreases, you'll get notified.


ETA...if you have a change on one report, never assume you'd see the same change on the other report. They never update at the same time. Sometimes one report will update but the other won't at all.