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Re: What hapened to scorewatch?

ando35 wrote:

I signed up for score watch but all I got was an EQ score and report. There is no score watch section or notifications settings?

When you first sign up with SW, you are given your first of two EQ FICO reports. The report looks exactly as if you purchased a stand alone EQ FICO report via FICO Standard. It's the same and there's no SW section. However, if you go into your "My Account" page you'll see a ScoreWatch bar underneath your TU and EQ FICO scores. When you click that, you can access tabs leading back to your score history, alerts, and settings. Be sure to set your recently pulled EQ FICO to EXACTLY match your target score within the Settings. As you get new alerts, IMMEDIATELY change your target score to match the last known score. Lather rinse and repeat.