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Re: SW Alert , but not on any 3 CR.

Ignore for a minute TU and EX. You can have accounts reporting and updating on one CRA but not the other two. SW only deals with EQ. I'd also look at the report that came with SW when you received it yesterday. Look for any account that has a 1/2011 open date, or specifically a Victoria's Secret account. There should be one showing within that report that came with the SW subscription.


Per the double alert, know that this is a Settings issue. By default, SW will alert you if you have an account increase by $x and will also alert you to an increase by x%. If the new balance triggers both alerts, you'll see a double alert like what you posted above. It doesn't mean you have two VS accounts; only one. If you want to stop the double alerts, go into Settings and select "N" for no on either the alert for $x or x%.