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Re: Score Watch=No Alerts Email

S7 wrote:

Okie doke.

It was opened in 2003, made it my oldest account, of 9.2years,and the average of  7.6yrs.


Before the adding of it, my only kind of credit on my report was an auto loan that is current,and for some reason only showing up on EQ and TU, but the CC is on all 3 CRA and this CC is only at 3% Util. With a CL of $12,000. It also has a perfect payment history.

I think it would help as your oldest TL, and oldest revolving. Depends how recent your second oldest is for each.


Your mix is greatly improved and bonus points for that.


The added balance doesn't help, but I think you'd see a net improvement by quite a few points.


What day did it report to EQ?