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Re: Score Watch=No Alerts Email

Equifax Complete shows the report date as 9/22.   


And on EX, it shows the CC as the only tradeline, the autoloan isn't on it. (the autoloan was opened in May, a balance of $10,762, and never late). 

The balance on the CC is $389, and like I said, EX has that as the only tradeline that I have.


Now, on EQ and TU, I had an autoloan opened in 3/12,but had 2 major problems with the vehicle and the dealership got us out of it and into another vehicle, and the lender paid off the first loan and it shows as a $0 balance, and opened us the 2nd loan in 5/12, which has the above mentioned balance, and again, EX doesn't show either of them.  Not sure if I should contac the lender to ask if they will report the auto to EX, if it would help or hurt??


Thank you for your advice, by the way! :smileyhappy:

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