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Re: Verizon Home Phone Service Help

Welcome to the world of paid CO/paid COLL. They suck, and it's why one should NEVER pay a CO or COLL, outside of a PFD, unless one HAS to. Before some jackhole responds, "unless one HAS to" is subject to a lot of interpretation, and situations vary. For example, if one is facing a lawsuit, and Capone is an example of an OC notorious for suing within 6 months of SOL, then one might have to paid to pay a CO or COLL without a PFD.


Unless the OC is reporting something inaccurate that you could then challenge, you're at their mercy to receive GW or not. However, pesky people sometimes annoy OCs into deleting.


If your 2.5 year timeline is because you wanna buy a house, I would not rule it out just yet, even with a paid CO. There are options.