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Re: Sample GW letter for a paid Collection

The one below just got 2 removed for me. Had 3 more removed by email.


Name and address


Dear Creditor,

Re: Account Numbers and Info


Acct# xxxxxxxx    Amount $144.00

Acct# xxxxxxxx     Amount $36.00


Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing this letter in order to request your help and understanding. I currently have insurance through my employer. I had some medical issues and needed care in 2009. I was not aware of my insurance did not cover the full balances. I then did not have the funds to take care of the accounts. The accounts were sold to your company. I pulled my credit and seen it on my reports. I paid both the accounts as soon as I could, which was in the beginning of 2010. My family and I are currently trying to obtain a mortgage for a home. The accounts are showed “Paid” but still are collection accounts and hurting my credit scores. I only need 15 more points to qualify for the loan. I would like to request that your company have some mercy on me and please make a “Goodwill Adjustment” and remove both accounts from the credit reporting agencies. Your kind gesture would be sincerely appreciated by my family and me. I would like to thank you in advance for any help you may provide. You may contact me through my address above or email at ………………….or by phone at …………… (would prefer email).  Thank you again!

Yours truly,