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Re: Looking to repair my credit score

For the CC, if that's your only one, and for max points, let it report a balance of under 9% of the CL. Utilization is a snapshot in time and you don't have to keep it that way every month, but at least a month before applying for anything big, let it report a very small balance.


I did business with RAC in the past too, in my not-so-good-credit days. IIRC, they don't report. I was late more than half the time and I'm glad they never reported on mine.


For the SL and the CA collecting on behalf of it, both can report. The OC should report $0 and the CA a balance. IMO, I wouldn't do anything to it at this point; looks like they'll delete this summer.


For the $239 CA, send a DV to the CA. If they verify and you agree, then send a PFD. A paid CA is equally bad as an unpaid one per your FICO score. In otherwords, paying without a PFD agreement will not improve your FICO scores.


For the $881 Medical CA....Ideally and legally you'd need to send a DV letter to the CA within 30 days of their initial collection letter, though there's nothing wrong with sending it now, IMO. A second alternative is to follow the HIPAA process (google HIPAA Process for more info). Since you know you paid it to the OC, I'd start by contacting the OC and ask for records and ask them to recall it from the CA. If they do, then done. Otherwise, follow the process since you paid it. You may want to show documentation each time as proof of payment.


For the $80 CA, and any other non-medical CAs, send a DV (always send a DV, even if you know that it is yours). If they verify and you agree, then send a PFD.


For the remaining medical, consider following the HIPAA process (involves paying the OC first...the process leaves the CA out of the loop).


For the apartment, who is reporting it? It is owed still? If they dropped the suit, it could still mean that they'll pursue it later.