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Re: Looking to repair my credit score

I suggest that you first re-format your data in a way that priortizes your derogs.  Dont look at your CR in terms of accounts,  Look at it in terms of each delinquency and derog in your CR.

Focus first on monthly delinquencies on each OC account.

List each monthly delinquency on each OC account by date and severity (e.g., 30-day late 5/2005; 60-day late 6/2005, etc)

Add 7 years from each individual delinquency, and you have a complete summary of when each monthly  delinquency individually drops from your CR.


After doing that, then turn to each charge-off and collection in your CR.

The single date to identify for each CO and CA is the date of first monthly delinquency on the OC account that preceded the CO or CA.  Just go back to the list of OC account delinquencies already compliled, and locate that date.  Add 180 days to that DOFD, and the OC or CA must drop from your CR after 7 years from this date.


Items for which you dispute their accuracy of actual reporting should be addressed first by direct disputes with the party who posted the information.  FCRA 623(a)(8)

That dispute process has a mandatory response period of one month, so you want to set those disputes into motion first.  If you need sample deirect dispute letters, just come back on and ask.


For the items you dont dispute, what to pay first, and how to address offers to pay, depends upon the severity and age of each derog.  For each unpaid debt, first determine if the statute of limitations has expired.  These have the potential for legal action.  They call for priority consideration.

PFDs can be safely offered if the debt is outside of SOL.  So first know your state SOL.