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Re: Looking to repair my credit score

creditmonkey wrote:

I live in Ohio so the SOL is 6 years


I'm a little worried about doing PFD's because then won't it affect the length of my credit history? The earliest thing on there is the SL account which is going to be deleted here soon.


Are you saying not to DV the medical collection I know is paid off to the OC? I really just want to know what they're saying I owe money for i.e. what procedure am i being charged for. 


If I do the HIPPA process do I need to PIF right away or can I make payments? I don't have quite enough to PIF, but I would like to make payments on them


As far as the eviction thing, it's being reported by a CA. And the case was dismissed without prejudice so you're correct they can reopen the case. I've been trying to find what the SOL for filing for eviction is?... Is this a sleeping giant I don't want to wait. It's scheduled to fall off 6/2012


Are there any sample letters for DV's, Disputes and PFD's?


Thanks for your help



If they accept a PFD and you pay, then if it is an OC account, and if deleted, then your length of history can be impacted. If you are worried about that, then PIF and GW at a later date if you wanted to chance it. This does not apply to CAs.


Per medical CAs...either follow the HIPAA process or send a DV (and later PFD). You cannot do both because HIPAA involves medical privacy and DVing a medical CA would void out your rights under HIPAA (since they'd know about it). Personally, I'd do the DV-PFD.


I would not make payments on a CA. Save up first. Do the one-payment plan. Plus, they can reject any offer and sue for the full amount if within SOL. Make sure you have the money saved up to PIF if you had to (to avoid any action) before doing anything.


There may or may not be a separate line item in your state's codes for evictions. Not sure. You'd have to do some research. I'd guess it would be under written contracts, though. Make sure you have the money saved up before doing anything.


Example letters - PFDs, GWs, DVs, etc.


Don't dispute. That will result in increased collection activity. No doubt.