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Re: Looking to repair my credit score

Re: credit length and that SL:  the *derogatory* aspect will fall off at the 7 year mark.  After that, it's a closed account in good standing. 


Also, if you only have one credit card reporting, you may want to have 1-2 more.  Maybe wait until you have everything else cleaned up and you have opted out.  Then shop for a couple of cards that are appropriate to your scores at that point.  For ideal scoring, you want no more than half of your credit cards reporting a balance between 0-9%.  If you have 3 cards, you can have one reporting under 9% (for $500, that number is less than $45) and the rest reporting 0.  To keep them all active and reporting, you may want to rotate which one you use every month.  Credit cards generally report around when they issue a statement, and they usually have some grace period during which you aren't paying interest.  It is possible to get that 9% or less balance reporting by charging items that clear before the statement but within the grace period and then paying them off after the statement cuts, thus avoiding interest and getting the reporting results that you want.

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