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OMG!!!!!! BoA Love....GW Success

I have followed what you guys said about GW letters. I researched contacts @ BoA. I found a bunch of emails for people in card services, and emailed them. Its been about 3 weeks and no response. I came to grips that I would just pay it. It was not sold to a CA yet but they did forward it to a CA. So I was reading how to get around that. I took some advice and went into the branch were I got the card, I did have the amount to pay it off in my hand. The rep took the card called some other office, she was on the line about 15 minutes and she turned to me said these words...It appears a Sr VP, intervened on your account as of 2/15/2011. The balance was zero, and the entire TL was in the process of being deleted from all my reports. I'm not lying when I say a tear came to my eye . It felt so good. I thanked GOD! He definitely heard my prayers. I can't wait to see what this does to my score....700 I'm coming!

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