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Finally, have all of my cr, after only having eq for about 2 weeks I broke down and bought the other two not bad, eq 695, tu 688, and ex 708. I really found quite a few discrepancies between some of them. Found out I have a Macy's account w/ a $1000 limit that is inactive, but reporting good info for 2 year, think I will request a card and build the tradeline. Also, found this discrepancies, on ex, Citi is reporting a paid c/o but with 24 lates @ 90 days or greater but was only c/o for 2 years. Where does 24 lates @ 90+ come from within 2 year (is this legal?). On the contrary, tu is reporting no lates and a paid co on Citi. Further more eq is reporting one 30 day late and a paid c/o. Should I dispute or GW these 24 lates on a 708, or leave it alone so they don't report lates to tu and eq? Same with a GMAC lease one reports a paid co, another one lates without a charge of, and another with one late and a charge off. Advice? 
Eq 785 TU 786 Ex ???