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Small indicators of success - preapproval from capital one

I recently paid off the remaining balance on a closed capital one and a discover card.  I still have a BofA card and a Chase card that were closed that I am paying down.  I will finally pay those off when my tax return arrives.  When those two are paid off, I'll be finished climbing out of a fairly deep hole.  At the worst of it, I was behind about $10K on my mortgage and had $35K in CC debt.  It's embarrassing just to type those totals.  It will feel incredible to have no more CC debt.


I checked Cap One's preapproval link today.  No interest in applying for one of their cards, but I check it every once in a while to see if anything pops up.  I normally get no prequal offers, but recommendations for one of their AF classic platinum cards.  I figured that even though my score had improved considerably, I was still not getting anything from them because of the old closed account that wasn't paid off yet.  Today, I received an offer for their Venture card with no AF.  There were also offers for two other no AF cards. 


I currently have two open cards.  An Amex PR Gold charge card and a Capital One platinum card with a $39 AF.  Once I pay off the closed BofA and Chase cards, and my reports update, depending on the score increase I see, I am considering the Amex SPG.  But my main goals right now are building emergency fund and saving for downpayment on a larger house.


Anyway, when I first started trying to climb out of this mess, it seemed like there was no way out.  Thank you to everyone here for all of the helpful advice. 

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