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Re: Dealing w/Hunter Warfield
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Umm, yes, I actually JUST dealt with them a few weeks ago. To make a long story short, the apartment that we just moved out of in Dec, 2010 sent us a $750 bill for a TON of absurd "damages" that I simply refused to pay. The apartment sent the account to Hunter Warfield who then began collection activity against me. All of my conversations with them were absolutely ridiculous... first they lied about the nature of the collection (said it was for failure to provide notice of moving out and even went through the hassle of having me send in proof of notice - a later person informed me the list of damages that were the cause of the charges were clearly listed on my account). Then during another conversation, the HW person yelled at me and hung up - seriously! (I was being completely respectful and nice, just simply asking him to explain something that didn't make sense to me and he obviously didn't like that).


Ultimately, it became clear that these people were rude and unethical and I wasn't going to get anywhere with them. Since the collection had not been reported to the CBs (and the promised it wouldn't be if a I paid - it hasn't yet, fingers crossed) and they offered me a 80% settlement, I just paid it. Ultimately, I didn't want some morons at a CA to hurt my credit and destroy my chances of buying a house nex year.


All I can say is that my experience with them was horrible so I wouldn't hold your breath on them actually following any FCRA rules or being cooperative at all. I also filed a complaint with the FL attorney general over them... it didn't really go anywhere (got a general email response), but I encourage that you do the same. Maybe if they get multiple complaints, they'll look into it.

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