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Paid original creditor, can CA tradeline be disputed?

Great forum! I have found so much useful information in a short time..


Quick opinion- I had a $663 dollar debt to a hospital for services. I am not disputing this.

They had put it into collections, with a company working on their behalf, not a sold account.

I paid the hospital in full, and recieved a reciept indicating my account is settled with the OC


Can the collection agency continue to report this as a collection debt? They are stating they cannot remove the tradeline, but this doesn't seem accurate because the debt no longer exists... and since they don't own the account, shouldn't the be required by law to have it removed?


Either way, I had to pay off this debt, but I just don't want this collection company to be able to report Paid in Full instead of having it removed... Should I dispute?


Guidance would be greatly appreciated!



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