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Re: IRS Lien Removal
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Update 6/16:


I got copies of the Notification of Federal Tax Lien, and Certificate of Release of Tax Lien from my county recorder's office. Faxed those to the # in the publication I mentioned before. Got a reply the next day.


One lien (filed 2/2005, released 12/2009)  was withdrawn. I got a copy of the Certificate of Lien Withdrawl from the IRS. It hasn't been recorded at the county yet, but I am going to send it to the CRAs pronto.


The other lien (filed 3/03, released 10/08) was denied a withdrawal. The IRS says that the lien was released because the Statue of Limitations was reached and not because I satisfied the debt. I am going to have to straighten out what's going on there.


But, I'm very happy to have one lien removed!