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Re: IRS Lien Removal

Update on what's been going on.


The lien was withdrawn on 6/9 and mailed to the county recorder's office.


It was recorded by the county on 6/20, and started showing up in their online database on 6/22.


On 6/22 I submitted online disputes with the three CRAs.


Equifax got back to me today and said that the lien was verified. I put together a dispute letter and FAX'd them the letter, my credit report, the certificate of lien withdrawal, and the letter from the IRS explaining that the lien was being withdrawn.


While I haven't heard back from TU or EXP, I went ahead and FAX'd the same information to TU.


I couldn't find a FAX number for EXP, and there is some indication that they are no longer accepting disputes by FAX.


I will put a dispute in the mail to EXP.