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Re: IRS Lien Removal

Andrew22 wrote:

Just had a very nice conversation with an IRS rep who called to tell me they've approved my withdrawal. Paperwork should be in my hands within a week, she said, and, then I can get this thing off my reports. Very happy, indeed! IRS rep was very cordial, and helpful.


Now, anyone want to advise best way to get this off my reports most quickly, with minimum hassle? Sounds like some kind of faxed dispute with verifiying paperwork, that mentions FCRA does the trick?

I sure wish they were cordial and helpful with my audit earlier in the year. Smiley Sad


I wouldn't dispute. Let them do their thing. There's a chance a dispute might slow things down quite a bit. Sometimes they'll take the full 30 days to complete the dispute and if their reporting department hadn't received the request to delete by the time you initiate the dispute, then it could get verified. I'd give them a month tops. I bet it'll happen much sooner than that.