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Re: IRS Lien Removal

Thanks for this update. I have a new little wrinkle. TransUnion and Experian both said on the phone they would delete once they received the withdrawal papework, and I am expecting that to happen as soon as tomorrow.


Equifax, on the other hand, never had the original lien reported. But, when the withdrawal was filed, they got it. I just got a ScoreWatch alert saying a new tax lien was reporting, and sure enough, there it seems to be! But, oddly, there was NO score change that came with the lien reporting. And, when I went directly to Equifax, there is no lien on their report. Very, very odd. All I can figure is that when the withdrawal paperwork was filed with the register, ScoreWatch somehow read this as a lien being filed and alerted me. But Equifax doesn't seem to be reporting. Nevertheless, I am amxiously awaiting to see what materializes with Equifax in the coming days...


thanks again for your update...